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In Yoruba mythology the city of Ile-Ife situated in the southwest of Nigeria is regarded as "the navel of the world," the place where creation took place and the tradition of kingship began. Of all the centers of African art, there is none as remarkable for extraordinary accomplishments in many fields of art as the ancient town of Ife, the ritual center of the great Yoruba People of western Nigeria. Ife gave its name to this art. Ife art includes terra-cotta and bronze heads and busts, stone sculpture, stools and religious pieces carved in quartz, monumental granite monoliths, and statues of humans and animals. Both the terra-cotta and bronze pieces belong to a series that has been interpreted by some specialists as idealized portraits, and occasionally a bust or a head has been identified as that of an oni or a dignitary. They date from 12th to the 15th. Ife style is reminiscent of that of Benin, which flourished in the 16th century
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